Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips


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Introducing Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips – Redefine Your Golfing Comfort with Innovative Control, Feel, and Reduced Taper!

Key Features:

  1. Control Core Technology: The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips feature advanced Control Core Technology, providing a soft feel and enhanced control. The core reduces torque and minimizes grip pressure, resulting in a comfortable and consistent swing.

  2. Soft Wrap Texture: Experience a soft and tacky feel with the unique wrap-style texture of the grips. The CP2 Wrap Grips offer a comfortable grip that promotes confidence and control with every shot.

  3. Reduced Taper Design: The innovative reduced taper design of the CP2 Wrap Grips ensures a more even grip pressure throughout your hands. This feature minimizes tension and discomfort, allowing for a smoother and more natural swing.

  4. Moisture Control: Play comfortably in all weather conditions with the moisture-wicking properties of the CP2 Wrap Grips. The grips help keep your hands dry, providing a consistent feel and performance in varying weather.

  5. Comfortable Feel and Vibration Damping: The CP2 Wrap Grips deliver a comfortable and cushioned feel, minimizing vibrations during impact. Enjoy reduced shock and increased comfort, even on off-center hits.

  6. Dual Texture for Added Control: The dual texture of the grips combines a soft wrap with a high-performance control zone. This provides the best of both worlds – a comfortable feel in the upper hand and enhanced control in the lower hand for improved shot consistency.

  7. Durability for Extended Use: Built with durability in mind, the CP2 Wrap Grips are designed to withstand the demands of regular play. Experience long-lasting performance and comfort round after round.

  8. Tapered Profile for Natural Feel: The tapered profile of the grips ensures a natural and comfortable hand placement. This design promotes a confident and repeatable grip, contributing to a more consistent swing.

  9. Variety of Sizes: The CP2 Wrap Grips come in a variety of sizes to cater to different hand preferences and grip styles. Find the perfect size to suit your individual needs for optimal performance.

  10. Trusted by Golfers Worldwide: Golf Pride's CP2 Wrap Grips are trusted by golfers of all skill levels worldwide. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the unique combination of comfort, control, and innovative design.

Redefine your golfing experience with the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grips – where innovative control, exceptional feel, and reduced taper come together to enhance your performance on the course.

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